2024 Park Avenue Motor Car Monday Senior League Rules

This league will be comprised of senior men of the community. Regular players must be 55years of age or retired. Substitutes should fall into these limits, but if none available, anyone can participate.

League play will begin at 9:00 am sharp prior to Memorial Day, then 8:30 sharp unless otherwise posted. If the Monday play is postponed due to weather or an incident necessary by the golf course, the league will attempt to play on Thursday at the scheduled time.We will again be using the GOLD TEES.

Teams will mostly be the same as 2023 with the addition of one new team and new members as required. Teams will have four (4) men each. Position on each team will be determined by handicap at the beginning of each season. Number one man on opposing teams will play each other as will #2, #3, and #4 men. These positions will change throughout the season as handicaps vary so that low handicapper plays low handicapper and high plays high. If for some reason the proper players cannot or do not play each other, cards will be matched at the end of play for the day. PLEASE LEAVE ALL CARDS FOR STATISTICIAN.

Fee for league will be as follows:

Sponsor fee - $50

Individual fee - $30

Substitute fee - $30 ( not required if only playing as a direct substitution)

Weekly fee of $3 for drawing and league expenses

The team captains will collect individual fees and sponsor fees, and will turn them into the league Secretary by May 30.

The team captains will fill out score sheets and total. Only hole scores are required. The statistician will determine holes won and medal points awarded. Teams may do this on their own if they wish.

The league President and Treasurer/Secretary will see that all fees are collected.

The handicaps will be based on a running average of gross score minus 36. Year end 2023 handicaps will be used the first week if one is available from league play.

It was voted to use JUNGLE RULES. This means you can move the ball everywhere 1 club length, no closer to the hole. The 1 club length move must be within the same conditions. (example: No rough to fairway, no fringe to green, etc.). Exceptions are Sand Traps, Hazards, and on the green.

Out-of-bounds Rule: All out of bounds will be treated as a hazard ( one stroke penalty and no loss of distant. )

Water Rule: If you hit into the water, you can play the next shot, either from the line the ball went into the water or laterally, on either side of the water, but no closer to the hole with a one shot penalty. If you hit into water on 2nd or subsequent shots on # 12, you can carry and drop your ball in the drop area on the other side with a one shot penalty.

The league has a maximum number of strokes per hole as 3 over par.

Team scoring is by a 10-point system for 9 hole competition using full handicap. One point for medal play and one point for each hole won. Half points will be awarded to each golfer in the event of tie holes.

If a player is late for the team start time and does not tee off with the team, the player will forfeit that hole(s). The player also forfeits any opportunity to win the Medal Point for that round. If a player cannot finish a round because of injury, he will be credited with points won to that point, but in no way can win medal point.

If no show, you get 0 points and your opponent gets 7 points. The player receiving the forfeit must play to receive the 7 points. If the player receiving the forfeit has a net score of 35 or less for that round, the player will be awarded 3 bonus points for the round resulting in him winning all 10 points.

There will be a 3 over par maximum for each hole (6 for par 3, 7 for par 4, and 8 for par 5 ).

There will be a mid-season scramble. In addition, there will be an end-of-year fun day scramble for all teams except teams in the playoff. If the playoff teams wish to participate in the fun day scramble, they must playoff early. The each player must use one drive rule will be reinstated for the mid and end of year scramble.


President – Dave Progar

Treasurer/Secretary – Tom Jensen

Vice-President – Mark Borger

Statistician – Chuck Barrett

Handicap Process:

Week 1, we will use 2023 Handicap. If a player did not have a 2023 handicap, the handicap will be established after week 1 by subtracting 36 from their gross score.

After week one, handicaps will be updated weekly by taking the players gross score average from year to date play and subtracting 36.

Monday Men’s Senior League

Reminder: Dues and Sponsor Fee Due May 30

Dues $30

Sponsor Fee $50

If by check, make payable to BHGC

Please give to Tom Jensen

Fees not paid by June 1st result in no score posted for team.

Reminder: Per rule change, Maximun of 3 strokes over par on any Hole.

Copy of League Rules are available in Pro Shop.


Park Avenue Motor Car Senior League

2024 Play Schedule

April 29 – Meeting at 8:30am, practice on Front at 9:00am

May 6 – 9:00 am start on Back

May 13 – 9:00 am start on Front

May 20 – 9:00 am start on Back

May 30 – 8:30 am start on Front (Thursday)

June 3 – 8:30 am start on Back

June 10 – 8:30 am start on Front

June 20 – 8:30 am start on Back (Thursday)

June 24 – 8:30 am start on Front

July 1 – 8:30 am start on Back

July 8 – 9:00am start on Front (Mid-year Tournament and Lunch)

July 15 – 8:30 am start on Back

July 22 - 8:30 am start on Front

July 29 – 8:30 am start on Back

August 5 – 8:30 am start on Front

August 12 – 8:30 am start on Back

August 19 – 8:30 am start on Front

August 26 – 8:30 am start on Back

September 5 – 8:30 am start on Front (Thursday)

September 9 – 9:00 am start on Back (Year End Tournament and Banquet)