Jeana Morrison

Deb Neideritter

Linda Dies

Janis Bennett

Tricia Kubas

A few items for those who are new and also as a reminder to everyone:
1.  League dues are $20/player and are due the first night of play to the pro-shop.
2.  Cart fees this year are $9 and greens fees for non-members are $12
3.  Please try to stick to your scheduled tee times and if by chance you need to change it, play earlier (call the proshop first to    get a tee time), etc please shoot me an email so I am aware!
4.  This league was designed to be fun and no stress!  We play 'Jungle Rules' which means you can move the ball one club length from wherever it lies as long as it is a PLAYABLE lie.  If it lands in the sand trap and moving it one club length would put you outside of the sand trap you can move it out.  You can move it from fairway to rough or rought to fairway.  You CANNOT move it from out of bounds or out of a pond/water as these would be UNPLAYABLE lies!!
5.  Gimmes on the green, to speed up play, can be given within a putter grip length and as long as all agree!!
6.  It will take the first 3 weeks to establish handicaps as we have a few new and changes to teams.
7.  Each week there will be 2 on-course events for the league and the prize for these is a $10 gift certificate to the pro-shop.
If I think of anything else I will let you know!

Hello and happy Tuesday!

Attached are the results from the Scramble League last Thursday!
Wow...only one skin again!
Congratulations to Lisa Hamler and Betsy Sobkowski with a birdie on #4!!
We had an extra proximity this week since only one of them was won last week...
Donna Zariczny won closest to the pin on #4 AND longest putt on #9.
Grace Backstrom won closest to the pin on #8.
Hoping to be able to handicaps this week but with some teams not playing all 3 weeks I may have to hold off a week...
Enjoy the day, the sunshine and the better weather!!